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Established in 2015, 737 Kheng Seng is founded on the quality and integrity of people and long-term relationships we build in Malaysia’s property market. Driven by a group of dedicated people with extensive local industry knowledge, 737 Kheng Seng is one of the top emerging developers in Malaysia and now it becomes a real estate holding group. 737 Kheng Seng’s core values are to meet customers’ needs, and at the same time delivering solid returns to our investors.

Focusing primarily on construction and development business, three (3) subsidiaries are operated under the umbrella of Parent 737 Kheng Seng:

-               737 Development

-               737 Broadland

-               737 Muda Awam



Dedicated to create and deliver unparalleled values that beyond our customers’ expectations – with innovative and quality development as the keys to success.


To be the leading, trusted and well-established property development company in Malaysia

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